If you would like to…

  • Deliver immediate, measurable and effective results while building recognition for your brand.
  • Attribute the impact of customer actions back to your advertising.
  • Know what levers to pull to optimise your cross platform marketing performance.
  • Employ a data-centric approach to confidently predict future outcomes.
  • Utilise tools to unearth actionable insights that inform strategy.

…then we have the solution

Digimedia can help you maximise the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and deliver long term effective results for your business. We connect the science of response to the art of brand marketing to develop measurable, highly effective campaigns for a wide range of clients in Sri Lanka. Our senior professionals are hands on at every step of the way to plan, create, place, measure and optimise your next media investment. If you’re obsessed with driving results like we are, then give us a shout.

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We succeed if you succeed, that’s why we focus on your Return On Investment as our number one priority.


We enforce best practices on all services provided, ensuring every client receives the same high-quality service throughout.


Using our tried and tested digital marketing formulas we offer a more efficient, valuable service, without sacrificing quality.

More Sales

Our approach of focusing on your end goal has proven to generate real results for our clients. It means more traffic, more conversions and more sales.